Snail Bob 5 Love Story Game

A sequel to Snail Bob 4: Space, Snail Bob 5: Love Story is a tale of a snail and his quest to meet the apple of his eyes -- a rockin' snail babe he saw on a poster. Unfortunately, his journey is filled with peril so it is up to you to help him along. Armed with his shell and particularly slow speed, Snail Bob will need to get past killer crocodiles, crazy frogs and plenty of deadly obstacles to be with his blonde mollusk beauty.

Easy on the Eyes

Considering its silly story and its bright colored graphics, the game seems mainly targeted towards kids. Although there's really nothing stopping puzzle platform fans of any age from playing Snail Bob 5. There are a total of 25 stages and 4 unlockable mini games. You may access the extra levels by collecting hidden stars which are scattered throughout the game.

The goal of the game is to get Snail Bob from point A to point B, essentially the entrance and exit of a map. As the love struck mollusk can't really do much other than walk and hide in his shell, getting him past tough spots will be up to you. You use the left mouse click to interact with objects around him. This includes activating triggers which move platforms, open up new areas and fling Snail Bob out of harm's way. Note that, though he is slow, your hero does not stop walking unless you press the Space Bar to tell him to hide inside his shell. He also only moves in one direction, even when he hits a wall. To get Bob to turn around, you will need to click on one of the icons located at the upper right of the game screen. The blue icon beside it tells Snail Bob to hurry up, giving him a boost in speed.

Snails are Hard to Manuever

That being said, Love Story's controls are easy to pick up although considering the way they are set up, we can't really say that they're intuitive. Because the graphics do look like a brighter version of those found in PopCap's Bookworm, you'd think that the controls would be kept to a minimum for its target audience. Like, if say the player is still getting used to PC controls, it may be a bit tricky to combine the game's keyboard, mouse and on-screen prompts.

The puzzle themselves are clever enough to keep even adults entertained. Although objects and themes do repeat across the stages, unique elements are presented one at a time so there will always be something new to click on or interact with until you actually finish the game. The level design is whimsical, featuring tyrannical dog kings, curious snails and a slew of cute baddies. There's also Bob's faithful ant assistant who may just be in the market for a girlfriend himself.

Collectibles are Always Good

As we've mentioned, there are extras you can opt to unlock by collecting stars. Each level has 3 stars hidden within. The first is a whack-a-mole style mini game which will require you to keep an eye out for pesky crabs. The second one which requires 30 stars will put your attentiveness to the test as you match objects in quick succession. The next one stars Bob's pal and it entails sorting through objects and ensuring that only food items are stored inside the ant hill. Last but not the least, there's the undersea bubble collecting mini game which requires fast reflexes to avoid baddies lurking in the deep.

The Verdict: More Under the Shell

The unlockable rewards surely add some replay value to the game and they are a delight to play long after finishing the main game. With its lively world full of unique characters and, of course, charming Snail Bob himself, we recommend Snail Bob 5: Love Story to young players looking for clever puzzle platformers. If you are a casual gamer looking for a simple title to kill some time with and don't mind the lack of stylized graphics common to newer Flash-based games, then we say go for it. After all, there's a whole handful of Snail Bob games you can play if you end up enjoying this one.