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Jim Loves Mary

Jim Loves Mary game

The platformer Jim Loves Mary proves that being apart only makes true love grow. You see, Jim and Mary are two peas in a pod, figuratively speaking. Unfortunately, Mary's family disapproves of their relationship and attempts to keep the two away from each other. They, of course, try to find each other and it is up to you to solve the platform puzzles to help them along.

The game features 20 challenging stages, each with their own unique set of obstacles and angry family members. With plenty of spikes and trap doors, there's bound to be plenty of opportunities to test your platforming skill.

What's unique about this game is its dual control system which requires you to play the game using both lovebirds. The A, W and D keys are assigned to Jim while Mary's movements are controlled by pressing on the directional arrows. At first, the obstacles aren't that hard to overcome alone but most of the later stages are impossible to finish without teamwork.

Manage to collect all 60 hearts scattered around the levels and you will open a bonus stage. Here, you will need to pick up even more hearts using the pair without the need to avoid obstacles. The only thing that you'll need to mind is the clock as the couple just can't wait another minute to be reunited. Simple, but it does wrap the story up nicely.

Kingdom Days Sim DateKingdom Days Sim Date

Kingdom Days Sim Date game

From deviantARTist Pacthesis comes yet another entertaining, thematic dating sim. This time around, you play the role of a princess. Starting life in an orphanage, you couldn't have imagined being reunited with your birth parents, much less finding out that they were royalty. When your luck has finally taken a turn for the better, a war rages in the Lunar Kingdom and you must flee. With the aid of your elf servant-slash-best friend Lewis, you reach Hepcatsis and ask the king there for assistance.

Unfortunately, the pompous ruler of the land will not aid and protect you unless you promise to marry him in 30 days. In an attempt to ensure your safety, Lewis agrees to the terms against your will. That's where your search for true love in a foreign kingdom truly begins.

Kingdom Days Sim Date, just like other games in the same series, features several areas to explore as well as a handful of dateable guys. You spend HP for every action you take so you will need to choose your favorite eligible bachelors early on. If simply talking to the apple of your eyes isn't enough to win his affections, you can also work to earn and spend money on some gifts for that added wow factor.

Once the 30 days are up, you can choose from all the guys you have won over in order to see a happy ending with them. If you're more of an independent kind of girl, then you can choose to ditch all of the guys and live life happy and single too. How's that for a modern love story?

7 Dates

7 Dates game

In the game 7 Dates, you get to step into the shoes of Jessica, an average girl who is ready to meet the man of her dreams. Because she doesn't normally get to to go out on many dates, she has asked her friend Samantha for help. Thankfully, Samantha is a matchmaker who has the perfect solution: set up 7 different dates so that Jessica can find her perfect match. Each eligible bachelor has their own signature personality and style to boot.

The game features quiz-like mechanics, wherein you will need to pick dialogue replies that would impress your date. The only way to know which answers will make the guys happy is to make a best guess based on their appearance. Once you've successfully won a guy over, you can proceed to date the rest of the potential love interests until you have gone on all 7 dates.

While it does give you the chance to date several bachelors, this isn't strictly an otome game. If anything, the quiz like mechanics and silly dialogue options may be entertaining even for straight guys. Part of the fun is discovering which mold the virtual Romeos follow. The stereotypes and predictable responses are sure get a laugh from players of both genders.

Digital: A Love Story

Digital A Love Story game

Digital: A Love Story is a mystery/romance title that is set "five minutes into the future of 1988" that is written by Christine Love who is best known for Analogue: A Hate Story and Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story. Back then, dial up internet and scan lines were all the rage. That being said, the style of this text-based interactive novel is reminiscent of the simulator game Uplink wherein you spend your time in front of the screen, following virtual trails to progress the story.

In Digital, you are the proud owner of an Amie Workbench computer. Armed with your new machine as well as a modem and dialer, you connect to the internet. Upon checking your messages, you get a phone number which connects to the Lake City Local Bulletin Board, which then leads to you meeting a nice poet with the nickname "*Emilia" --get the picture?

Along with the actual love story, you can unravel a plot possibly involving fraud, an internet conspiracy and maybe even hacking. Which of these are actually possible to do in the game? Well, you'll just have to boot up your Amie to find out.

Other Age

Other Age game

Other Age is a beautiful otome game created by Zeiva Inc., a team consisting of indie game developers Mirage and Nitarou. According to them, the title took 10 months to finish and is based on two of their earlier works. Other Age was supposed to be a dating sim parody, and it shows. The wholesome, witty writing sets this title apart from others in the genre and makes it safe for all ages to to play.

The two original creations that the game is based on are Genetic Glow and Imaginary Realm. As such, Other Age features dateable guys coming from the two works (like Lenz from Genetic Glow and Yumbrad from Imaginary Realm 2). You are Zeiva Kingdom's princess, the daughter of King Mirage XXII. To celebrate your 16th birthday, a special gift has been prepared for you: the Luv Luv Nitarou Deluxe.

The Luv Luv Nitarou Deluxe is a machine which allows you to teleport suitable partners directly from any place or dimension. There are a total of 10 guys which can be summoned using the machine and 31 endings to unlock by dating them all.

In order for the matchmaking machine to work properly, you will need to answer 10 questions tackling different parts of your personality. After you've done that, the man you are looking for is materialized and your quest to win the heart of your dream guy begins. This involves picking answers that impress your potential soul mate as well as passing a unique mini game for each one. In this otome game, you may or may not get married. Actually, you may even prefer not to get married if your answers lead you to a certain Mr. Nobody.