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All Signs of Emotion are Forbidden in Colour My World

The adventure title Colour My World is the sequel to Colour My Heart. Both were created by Silver Stitch and both star a nondescript stick man who is determined to find his beloved amidst a monochromatic world. These are not, by any means, hardcore games.

Like its predecessor, Colour My World is more of an interactive work of art. Moving around is a simple matter of using the arrow keys on your keyboard and hovering over signs lets you read what's written on them. From the mountains to the lifeless city, everything in the world is cold and grey. Despite the odds against you, will you be able to find the apple of your eyes or will you give up on your quest?

Love Isn't Always Easy

Although it may seem like the stars align whenever you're with your beloved and that a smile from her can brighten up your day, sometimes it may feel like it's just the two of you against the world. In these modern times, there are many things that can distract or even hinder you on your adventure together. That's not to say, however, that just because something is easy they're also worthwhile. Just like life, Colour My World is a journey. Your goal is to search far and wide for the girl of your dreams. Compared to the original, there are more puzzles this time around. All are still simple, merely requiring a click of the mouse to trigger stairs or call platforms so you can proceed. The trick is to find them amidst the detailed landscape. Interactive objects are hidden in plain sight as the entire world is hard drawn, down to the words written in the text balloons.

This time around, the world is much more chaotic. Emotions are even discouraged using signs, with some questioning your resolve. If those don't work and you still manage to forget that love is a waste of time, there are even reminders are spread throughout the city. It may feel like everything is against you, but if you are to succeed, you must take heart in the knowledge that a fair maiden is waiting for you past the bleak landscape.

Light It Up

While there is a profound message behind Colour My World, doing the right thing does literally add color to the in-game world. Trigger the correct switch and water can flow again, reviving the greenery around you. It's not exactly at the level of Capcom'sOkami but it's still a nice touch. Not only do the colored sections reinforce the message of the game, they also serve to highlight a few graphic details that would have been easy to miss.

Colour My World is just as artistic as the original. If you loved how the first game looked, the you would definitely fall in love with this one. Created and drawn by Silver Stitch, it features the same comic style illustrations and offers just as much, if not more, intricate details. Composed by Coin, the music is also good and is still as mellow and relaxing as the original.

Although you can still rush to the end, it's not going to be as easy as in the first game. You will still need to look for switches and solve puzzles in order to clear a path to the end. That being said, the game is still pretty short. Even without knowing what to expect, it will still take you less than ten minutes to complete the adventure.

No Running, Smiling and Eye Contact Allowed

Basically, Colour My World doesn't differ much from its predecessor. It makes use of the same mechanics, features the same illustration style and even has a similar message behind it. Considering how long (or short, actually) both games are, this is not an entirely unwelcome decision. Basically, if you fell in love with the original, you will find that the sequel is equally enjoyable to play. It's still touching, the music is still enchanting and it's still a rewarding experience overall. In a nutshell, we recommend that you check out this Silver Stitch game if you're want a little pick me up.

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