My Super Boyfriend Game

Your own personal superhero is just a phone call away!

Click to dial five digits and call your bf to come to the rescue! Get different superhero beaux for different digit combos. Play again and again to see all of the hilarious possibilities—you can even upload your fave result as your avatar!

My Super Boyfriend may seem like a pretty shallow game at first glance (in some way, it does feel very superficial). But it does get pretty amusing with all the random hilarity that tends to ensue while playing it. This mini game isn't really a test of skill or wit. Instead, it's all about luck. After the thug comes out of nowhere to snatch your ice cream, you get the chance to dial a five-digit number to call for help. There are more than ten different scenarios to unlock and each one features a corresponding "boyfriend" that comes to the rescue.

The Totally Random Numbers Game

While there are a range of men to choose from, one would imagine that the protagonist of the story is quite an impressive gal. Unfortunately, not all of the guys are effective in rescuing you. For instance, summoning the gallant, yet clumsy, Prince Charming will reward you with a scene where his horse trips and falls, getting the bully to merely scratch his head in confusion. Meanwhile, managing to guess the contact number of the hunky boxer will scare the bully enough to make him beg for mercy. It all relies on which number you dial. Are you more of an independent kind of gal? Dialing a specific number will even allow you to turn into Wonder Woman and take care of the problem yourself.

That being said, this is a game which can get very frustrating if you don't get lucky hits while punching in random numbers. It's amusing in the beginning but watching the default animation sequence over and over again certainly gets old after a while. Your best bet is to make use of common number combinations and compare your results with friends. As there is no set theme and some randomization is involved, don't be surprised if you end up with different results by using the same number twice.

It Looks Fine

Though the game play may not be cut and dried, the illustrations are standard fare for a game geared for teen girls. There's plenty of pink, your phone is bedazzled and your character is wearing stilettos. That's not to say that the graphics aren't polished, because they are. We do love the stylized art used for the game as well as the hilarious animations just waiting to be unlocked. Just being able to discover a new phone number and watching whatever zany event happens is enough of a reason to keep us playing. Add the fact that you are given cute avatars by discovering new numbers and it'll be hard to resist this charming game.

Unfortunately, the replay value for this title is quite low. Once you unlock all the events and avatars, you won't have much of a reason to clear everything all over again. It is, however, a game that is fun to play with friends as you can all try to guess valid phone numbers and maybe even add side bets to give some added incentive to guess the right answers.

While we liked the straightforward game play, we would have wanted to see some more features as well as a dedicated button for instructions. Sure, the mechanics may be self-explanatory for veteran casual game fans but newbies may get confused when figuring out the point of the game. It would have made sense to give players some clues so that they can try to figure out the numbers more efficiently. Giving some way to crack the code, so to speak, would have made the difference between a confusing idea and a novel concept.

The Verdict: Try Calling Again

Keeping all those things in mind, is this title worth keeping on speed dial? Because of its quirky game play mechanics, My Super Boyfriend is certainly not for those who are into traditional, skill-based games. However, it is a fun mini game for those who appreciate entertaining time fillers or those who are looking for mini games to share with their friends. You will neither get a lengthy story, nor will you fall in love with the characters but there are plenty of silly animations to tickle you pink.