My Super Boyfriend 2 Game

Don't you wish your boyfriend was a lot like this super-powered hunk?

Ice cream season is over in My Super Boyfriend 2 and high-heeled shoes have been replaced by practical snow boots. You are in the middle of building a fabulous snowman. After setting the carrot nose in place, you admire your handiwork. This is where the bully hits you with a snowball, ruining your fun. You were having such a good time with Mr. Snowman too.

Time for Reinforcements

The goal of the game remains the same. You basically dial 5-digit phone numbers in order to unlock a guy to help you out. There are a number of different boyfriends to discover and each one comes with his own cut scene. The controls are simple and are confined to mouse clicking so even young players can enjoy this unique title. Mini game fans will most likely be delighted with the straightforward, luck-based mechanics. On the other hand, those who are expecting to play a game of skill are better off checking out other titles.

So, will the summoned boyfriend teach the bully a lesson or will they end up getting bullied as well? Part of the game's charm is the fact that you have no clue what will happen in each one. The phone numbers are randomly generated so making use of the same number twice or thrice in a row won't necessarily call the same guy.

Plenty to Try Out

Being a title that focuses on unlockable content rather than game physics or storyline, it is great to see that the game has a diverse set of boyfriends to discover. Unlike the set in the first game which mostly consisted of timeless stereotypes such as Prince Charming, Superman or a Kung-Fu Master, My Super Boyfriend 2 features pop icons and oh-so-familiar celebrities. Of course, they don't really include the actual names or anything. For instance, the Pop Star looks awfully like Justin Bieber and the Hypnotist resembles Leonard from the Big Bang Theory TV series. There are still generic ones such as the Skier, but a majority of the characters are recognizable household brands.

The graphics for My Super Boyfriend 2 are in the same vein as those found in its predecessor. The colors are more vibrant now, with minor improvements in shading, but the style remains largely the same. Because the stylized graphics for the first one were polished, being a clone isn't really a bad thing. The animated cut scenes that unlock when you successfully call one of the boyfriends are just as amusing as those found in the first game. Basically, My Super Boyfriend 2 is more of a part 2 than an actual sequel.

Needs More Options

While we do like the game's novel concept and we found it hard not to chuckle at the unpredictable nature of the cut scenes, My Super Boyfriend 2 seriously lacks new content. Wouldn't it be more fun if you could change the look of your avatar? How about short story missions that give you clues so you could figure put the phone numbers? As it is, approaching things like a mini game is amusing but it has the potential to be so much more.

The Verdict: Not Exactly a Sequel, Yet

If you liked the first game, then there's no reason why you won't fall in love with this sequel either. It has everything the original had going for it with a zanier cast and a few improvements of its own. We would have liked to see some new features thrown in to keep things fresh but those who found no fault in My Super Boyfriend will at least know what they're getting in this title. Play My Super Boyfriend 2 if you're looking for a brief distraction or share the silly cut scenes with your friends for some priceless laugh