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Dial for Love Will Reveal Your Perfect Match

Dial for Love game

Have you ever experienced being torn between whom to go out with? It doesn't even need to be for a date. Maybe your best friend wants to go shopping with you, you mom is asking you to have lunch with her and your brother is bugging you about spending more time at home. Whatever the case may be, don't you wish you didn't have to choose? In Dial for Love, your dream date will be chosen for you depending on your luck and phone design skills.

Dial for Love 2 Keeps Dating Simple

Dial for Love 2 game

Don't you wish you could meet someone new and interesting every day of the week? Well, even if you don't have the time to do that in real life, you can certainly enjoy it in Dial for Love 2. This novel quiz game will match you with a cute guy based on your phone design. Pick a type of mobile phone, choose the color of your mood for the day and add some fabulous accessories to tie it all up before dialing a five-digit number. In just a couple minutes, you will get paired up with one of the game's eligible bachelors.

My Super Boyfriend Shows that Good Always Wins

My Super Boyfriend game

So your high heels decide to fall apart while you're eating ice cream. As if that's not enough unneeded stress for one day, an undeniably scary-looking guy comes up to you and steals your icy cold treat. What would you do? Well, if you're adept at martial arts, you may be able to handle the bully but in My Super Boyfriend, the choice is clear: call your amazing, super boyfriend!

My Super Boyfriend 2 Packs More Celebrity Power

My Super Boyfriend 2 game

The story for My Super Boyfriend 2 follows the same pattern as its predecessor: you're having fun, a bully comes to ruin your day and you decide to call for help. So who comes to your rescue? Well, it all depends on which number you dial. With a whole new set of zany boyfriends, this quirky mini game will keep you guessing and give you the giggles at the same time.

Take the Girlfriend Quiz to Find out if you're a Jealous Girlfriend

The Girlfriend Quiz game

Have you ever been dubbed a jealous girlfriend? Perhaps your friends have mentioned more than once that you tend to mother your sweetie. Whatever the case is, it is important that you know what you can improve about yourself to give your relationships the best chance to last. If you 're still on the fence on which type you fall under, then you may want to answer the "What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?" test to find out for sure.

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