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Kissing Games

High School First Kiss

High School First Kiss game

Young love is exciting, most especially if you're experiencing things for the first time. A milestone such as exchanging glances in class or even secretly holding hands while out with friends are memorable moments for many couples. Among those special moments, the cream of the crop if you will is the first kiss. In the casual mini game High School First, you get to relive this milestone --complete with the need to avoid the watchful eyes of snoopy grown-ups!

The scenario is certainly a classic, one that is familiar regardless which high school you went to. A young couple is attending a party at the school. They are planning to have their first kiss. Unfortunately, the principal keeps checking the hallway and the janitor does not seem to run out of floor space to clean. It is up to you to ensure that the couple's kiss lasts.

The objective of the game is to get enough points in order to fill up the kiss meter above. This is achieved by making the couple kiss whenever the coast is clear. The characters are controlled purely by the mouse so it's not really a matter of skill but of reflexes and timing.

You are given three lives at the start of the game. This is represented by the three heart icons located at the top of the screen. These are used up whenever someone spots you. Lose all three and it is game over for you.

If you think taking things slow is an option, think again. You will need to keep an eye on the timer if you want to proceed to the next level. Speaking of which, succeeding stages get more and more hectic as the snoopy adults get even better at intruding into the couple's romantic moment. This means that they appear more frequently and they stay on-screen longer. Think you have what it takes? Relive that sweet moment in High School First Kiss.

Kissing During Work

Kissing During Work game

Having an office romance is certainly a thrilling prospect, though not generally advisable no matter how good of an employee you are. Not only does it distract you from your responsibilities, it also tends to get awkward in the event that things don't work out. However, that's not to say it doesn't make for a fun mini game.

As you may have guessed from its title, Kissing During Work entails helping your character sneak smooches with her colleague. Normally your balding boss will attempt to chat you up but, fortunately for you, the office phone rings pretty often. When that happens, let the two employees lock lips for as long as they can before their boss finishes his call and turns around. Once the boss sees the pair being sweet, it is game over so if you want to top your score, get ready to warn the two at a moment's notice.

Bottom line is, while slacking off may not win you any brownie points with your boss and being gossip-worthy isn't really equivalent to having celebrity status, it does make for a fun casual game. Kissing During Work is your chance to experience the excitement that a secret office fling has to offer without the nasty career repercussions.

My Kitty's Kiss

My Kittys Kiss game

Though cat guardians would argue that a cat's kiss actually means giving slow eye blinks, the game My Kitty's Kiss makes use of a more literal translation. Following the footsteps of titles such as High School First Kiss, the cats here actually lock lips whenever nobody is watching.

Made up of only three stages, the game is short enough to finish in one sitting. Anyone who can use a mouse can learn to play the game as the controls are pretty simple. All you have to do is click and hold your left mouse button

While each level increases in difficulty, the main objective remains the same: let the kitties kiss as often and as long as they can in order to fill up the indicator bar on top of the screen. You will need to do this without being seen by the guard dog sleeping nearby, lest you risk losing one of your "lives" represented by heart icons. Shouldn't cats have nine of those?

Later on, kissing gets a bit more difficult because you will be required to respond to prompts on top of minding the dog. One of these involves the tuxedo cat who seems to have a crush on your marmalade kitty as well as a mouse that loves playing soccer with a toy ball. You'll need to act quickly whenever those exclamation mark icons pop out to avoid a penalty.

If the thought of Disney's Aristocats combined with a simple kissing mini game gives you warm and fuzzy feelings then help the cute cat couple sneak a few smooches in My Kitty's Kiss.

Fairytale Kiss

Fairytale Kiss game

They say that miracles can be achieved using true love's kiss. Even if kissing your sweetheart doesn't mean that spaghetti and meatballs will rain down from the sky, it can save a village in the game Fairytale Kiss.

So apparently, a witch has come to bring everyone down in a fairytale village. Being cheerful is forbidden and anyone who is caught smiling is turned into stone. The only thing that can keep the town from succumbing to despair is the kiss (actually, the continued kissing) of a couple. Your role is to smooch your darling until the love bar at the bottom gets filled up. Of course, you will need to keep an eye on the on-screen indicator which warns you that the witch is flying your way.

With only the left mouse button to mind, the controls cannot get any more basic. You click and hold to start kissing --that's pretty much it. You are given three lives and a time limit of 4 minutes. Fill up the bar by then and avoid losing all of your hearts or it is game over for you. Keep in mind that a whole village is depending on you.

What makes this game unique from other kissing mini games is its use of the fairytale theme. While the simple mechanics are standard fare, the number of background objects populating the screen is impressive and entertaining to watch. Everything is black and white at the start of the game. It is also raining and the background is filled with dead trees. Once you start kissing, the sky clears and bunnies start hopping nearby. After that, a rainbow frames the scenery and mythical creatures like the leprechaun and unicorn, appear too. It's pretty entertaining and over the top. A bunny in front even looks like he's drunk on love.

The game ends when you've filled up the bar completely. At this point, you and your sweetie start floating, literally. The witch is defeated, turned into stone and everyone lives happily ever after. Well, unless you want to start from scratch and save the world through kisses all over aga