Jim Loves Mary Game

Love Always Finds Its Way in Jim Loves Mary

From Romeo and Juliet to teen hit Twilight, forbidden love is certainly a recurring theme in literature. Jim Loves Mary is a platform game that celebrates romantic obstacles and proves that love will always find its way.

The goal of the game is to collect hearts and reunite Jim with Mary (or Marie, according to the intro). With 20 zany stages, this is usually easier said than done. There will be plenty of literal obstacles such as spikes and doors as well as a few family members who aren't afraid to show their disapproval. This includes Mary's angry father who is carrying a pitch fork, her strict mother armed with a rolling pin and a protective brother that looks handy with a baseball bat. As it is with delicate family situations, it's all about timing. Wait for the perfect opportunity to open a door, jump over some spikes and avoid a scary confrontation with Mary's daddy dearest. At the end, the two lovebirds meet and you proceed to the next level.

The controls are easy to get the hang of. You move Jim using the A, W and D buttons. Mary, on the other hand, is controlled using the directional arrows. While Jim can ace the first few challenges with minimal help from Mary, you will need to get used to using both simultaneously to get through the later stages. Thankfully, each level comes with clues to help them find their way. For starters, the title hints at new elements you'll need to watch out for. Level 2 has the title "Jim, this is my Mother.

Mom, this is Jim", introducing Mary's mother as an additional stage obstacle. Meanwhile, Level 7's "Sir, you've got package" refers to a moveable box you can use to get past the angry dad.

If the initial hint still leaves you stumped, then keep your eyes peeled for clues scattered about the stage. While most items are easy enough to figure out for platform game veterans, casual players will find the occasional "push big box here" or "Mary will help!" messages pretty useful. These gentle reminders on what to do next are certainly useful in keeping things running smoothly and as a result, the game is enjoyable regardless of skill level.

While the design isn't anything we haven't seen before, the care that was used to create the levels is pretty impressive. The puzzles are so meticulously planned that you will need to think ahead to push ahead. The text clues are cleverly placed around stages and there is no clutter to distract from the action. Overall, the graphics are polished, with bright colors bringing the game world and its characters to life.

On the other hand, the intro and ending text needs a bit of work. While it doesn't affect the game play at all, it's sad to see these get past a quality check. The mistakes go as far as to call Mary "Marie" in the intro, which is weird since her name is in the title itself. The ending has but a few lines but these are in need of some serious editing as well. It's certainly a glaring issue when compared with the rest of the game. On the plus side, everything is very basic and is simple enough to understand despite the errors

After finishing all twenty stages and collecting 60 hearts, you can gain access to a simple, bonus round. This extra level simply requires you to collect 99 more hearts before time runs out. The mechanics remain the same as you will still be controlling both Jim and Mary. This doesn't really add much to the game, but it does tie up the story beautifully.

While there are plenty of flashier platform games out there, it is rare to find one that requires just the right balance of skill and smarts to finish. Jim Loves Mary definitely puts both to the test as you will need to control two characters and solve puzzles at the same time. The levels are well-designed, with unique obstacles that encourage players to think a few steps ahead. We thought the overall delivery was quite charming, cleverly weaving the simple "forbidden love" storyline into so many elements of the main game. The design is polished too, with no glaring eyesores and plenty of cute, colorful details.

Play Jim Loves Mary if platform or puzzle games are your cup of tea or if you're looking for a game that prioritizes an enjoyable system over frustrating challenges. The balanced game play makes this a good pick even for casual players. Moew Beast delivers a sweet concept suitable for even young audiences, though adults may have to explain how to control both characters at the same time. For some co-op fun, you can control one character while your child (or friend) moves the other.